Titania inks

Image burnout, or toxicity, is still an unsolved problem in inkjet printing. These problems are related to the composition and physical properties of the ink on the market. We offer new inks based on a fundamentally different physics of the appearance of color in an image - interference, and diffraction.

Unique inks based on nano-sized titanium dioxide provide long-lasting color images due to interference in thin films. Moreover, according to the high refractive index, the ink can also be used to protect holographic films based on the principle of light diffraction. This approach can be used as an alternative to expensive PVD technologies.

There are two types of ink:

  • Fully biocompatible ink with a revolutionary sol-gel transition technology for rheological properties. The ink does not contain any surfactants.
  • Standard ink, with the addition of surfactants and high-viscosity solvents.