Innovative company "Inno-colloids" was founded on base of ITMO University by scientists of International scientific institute SCAMTWe are young scientists working in the field of chemistry and biology. We are developing products based on scientific discoveries made at SCAMT institute. Currently there are 3 categories of products we develop: pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, household products and auto-chemical goods. Each product is a result of joint work of scientists from different fields of natural and technical sciences, moreover, the scientific achievements we have are published in international peer-reviewed journals. A full cycle for each product is developed at SCAMT laboratory and further supported by industrial companies, that is why are sure of the developments` quality.

Fields of R&D:
1. Water-repellent compositions development
2. Hydrophilizing compositions development
3. Target product synthesis for various commercial developments
4. Products modification, quality characteristics improvement
5. Surfaces study with atomic force microscopy
6. 3D-models devices development with Compass program
7. Electrical circuits design and installation for devices and processes
8. 3D-models printing for the synthesis and installations
9. Gas disinfectants synthesis
10. Sorption of disinfectant gas preparations on porous sorbents
12. Disinfectant cartridge development
13. Conduct surface research on its hydrophobic or hydrophilic properties using a kruss droplet analyzer.
14. Metal-organic compounds synthesis for various purposes
15. Various compositions studies by spectrophotometric methods
16. Inorganic firefighting foams development
17. Silica-organic foam materials development (materials are created with a given density in a wide range, it is also possible to create antibacterial foams)
18. Precursors synthesis by the sol-gel method
19. SEM
18. Wound-healing compositions based on a combination of inorganic and organic components development
20. Anti-corrosion compounds development
21. Dielectric compositions development (for boards and wires)
22. Microbiological analysis
23. Biosensors based on graphene oxide development
24. Fire extinguishing installation development
25. Ph sensitive photoactive materials for monitoring the delivery and activity of drugs development
26. Anti-adhesive paper development



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